UVAC of Georgia is a 501(c)3 community based organization.


Building a united world-class community through unity, leadership and service.


The mission of the United Vietnamese American Community of  Georgia is to enable community development and advancement in the areas  of culture, infrastructure, education, and leadership, while preserving and promoting the Vietnamese traditions and  values.  This organization operates to the following strategic  priorities:     

  • Build a vibrant  community center.

  • Develop future leaders

  • Engage and empower the next generation.

  • Build alliances with public offices and  other ethnic groups, and be the voice of Vietnamese-Americans in Georgia and beyond.

  • Promote intra-community collaboration and  teamwork.  In addition, this organization supports  human rights and democracy in Vietnam.   

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The image of the “Lac Bird”, which appears on the ancient bronze drum of Vietnam (cir. 1000 BC), was believed to be associated with the one hundred tribes of the Lac Viet people. They were the refugees and immigrants who established a dominant culture in the Red River Delta, known as the great Dong-Son Culture.

Like our Lac-Viet ancestors, we - the United Vietnamese American Community of GA - continue our cultural heritage and identity as a community of resilience, innovation, and progress. We chose the “Lac Bird,” adorned with the flag of the Republic of Vietnam, to symbolize our unity and diversity as a Vietnamese American community.


UVAC stands for United Vietnamese American Community. The typography brings in modernity, clarity, and directness – which appeals to the characteristics of younger Vietnamese American generations . It is blended with the red-white-blue and star symbols of the flag of the United States, signifying a transition in to mainstream America.


We are committed to advancing a “United Vietnamese American Community of Georgia” in unity, service, and leadership. The Vietnamese translation is “Liên Hiệp Cộng Đồng Người Mỹ Gốc Việt Tiểu Bang Georgia.”

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