- Increase voter turnout and civic engagement among Asian-American community, especially Vietnamese community.



- Asian Americans have lowest voter turnout among all racial groups 

- In last presidential election, only 41% of eligible Asian Americans voted 

- Even lower in Vietnamese community:  only 36%



- Voting is a right and responsibility

- When you exercise your vote, you actually get to have a say in political decision-making that impacts you and your community.  The leaders we elect into office, especially at the state and local levels, propose and pass laws all the time that can either negatively or positively impact things like access to healthcare, access to education, availability of public services to our community.  Ex:  This past legislative session, there was a bill proposed to make driver's license exams and other state documents only available in English.  Vietnamese community has a very high percentage of LEP population so this would obviously negatively impact Vietnamese. Great thing about voting is that it gives you the ability to help ensure that people who are making laws are representing your interest.

- Power in #s:  The more Vietnamese people vote, the more your elected officials will pay attention to needs of the community

- Asian Americans are fastest growing racial group and voting population is expected to double by 2040.  Even now, some races are won by very low margin--FIVE VOTES.



- Get registered!  Last day to register is Oct. 11

- Absentee or go out to polls [can request online: www.mvp.sos.ga.gov].  For absentee, if first time voter, include copy of your license.

- Date of election is Nov. 8:  7 AM to 7-8 PM; Early voting days also available.

- If go to polls, must bring license or other state or fed gov't issued photo ID (ex. passport, student ID; expired license will work too)

- We will be registering voters at 9/3 from 3 to 7 at Fall Festival and 9/17 from 5 to 9 at Mid Autumn Festival in Norcross



- May bring interpreter of your choice to polls

- May also have assistance with absentee ballot 

- In-language hotline 1-888-274-8683



- CPACS, 770-936-0969

- VABA (www.vabaga.org)