Leadership Team

“Ask not what your country can do for you—ask what you can do for your country.” - John F. Kennedy

Matt Luan Nguyen - President

"Promoting Positive Community Growth & Diversity"

Luan "Matt" Nguyen migrated from Saigon, Vietnam to Atlanta, Georgia with this family through the Orderly Departure Program (ODP) subprogram, Humanitarian Operation (HO) in 1991. He pursued his passion of teaching and proceeded to work as a math teacher after graduated from Georgia State University. Passionate about serving others, he serves at the church and the Vietnamese community in the Greater Atlanta with local counties. In his free time, he loves to learn and travel with his wife, Nancy. Grateful for the new life and
wonderful opportunity in the United States, he challenges himself to be an agent of positive change in the community through servantship.

Cam Tu Le - Secretary

"Empowering Second Generation Vietnamese American to Take Charge"


Living in the United States for the past 15 years allow Cam Tu Le to grow and assimilate to the American culture, yet her Vietnamese genes never ceased to surpass. Ever since the age of 16, she has been involved in the Vietnamese Community in Georgia in many capacities ranging from events volunteer, Vietnamese class teacher, BPSOS tutor, Trung Thu MC to Advocacy Day Chair, Youths Mentor, and Millennials Board of Advisory for many organizations across Gwinnett. Cam Tu is a caring, passionate, and smart young professionals who has recently attained her Master of Science in Management from Argosy University. She joined UVAC board to encourage young professionals to take charge, step out of the comfort zone and build leadership qualities. Cam Tu cares for the young generations and wants to see them succeed in America through education as well as community involvement. She is a young, sweet, and loving person; we are glad to have her on our team.

Nick Tu Nguyen, Board

“Promoting positive growth in our Vietnamese Community”


Nguyen H. Tu, "Nick" moved from Rosemead, Ca. to Atlanta Ga. back in 1993.  He studied business management from Ashford University and is currently enrolled in getting his real estate license.  With encouragement from his friends and passionate in promoting positive growth in the Vietnamese community, he has open a lion dance club in getting kids and young adults physically active.  In his spare time, he focuses on his family.  For the past 4 years, his family and himself has been involved in charity work, from feeding the homeless in downtown Atlanta & Los Angeles then helping to raise money to send back to Vietnam for the poor.  Grateful to God and all his friends, Nick respects everyone opinions, listens with a passionate heart and tries to solve problems as if it was his own.

Benny Binh Truong, Board

​Binh “Benny” Truong considers himself a “socialpreneur,” eco-activist, and advocate for the future of the Vietnamese American community. Benny came to the United States as a boat person in 1984.  He never thanks the United States enough for the abundance of liberty and opportunities given to him.  And in turn he would like to use his resources and business acumen to invest into nurturing and creating a new generation of Vietnamese American leaders, who he hopes would contribute and transform positively to the American society.  At the same time, through advocacy, Benny’s hopes and dreams are to transform his motherland Vietnam into a country worthy of its proud history and talents. Benny joined the National Summit of Vietnamese American Leaders at its inauguration in 2011, and has committed himself to achieving the noble causes of the organization, which are “to engage leaders in open dialogues about critical issues facing the Vietnamese-American community; develop shared strategies and work collaboratively to advance the community through political engagement, economic development and community building.”


Benny is married to his beautiful wife Terry Truong.  Together, they have three beautiful children Victoria Trieu-Vi, Venetian Trieu-Mi, and Jacqueline Trieu-Minh.

Advisory Board

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