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Dr. Hai Ho - Chair

Dr. Hai Ho emigrated to U.S. in 1975 and is a son of a former colonel of Republic of Vietnam Military Forces (QLVNCH). He has over 20 years of executive leadership experience in the industry, academia, and non-profit organizations.


He is currently a professor of Electrical Engineering at Kennesaw State University where he teaches in the Bachelors and Masters programs. Prior to that, he was Vice President at global Fortune-500 companies such as Newell Rubbermaid and HID Global. He has led world-wide intellectual workforces and operations in Asia, Europe, and U.S.A, and achieved 17 patent inventions that contributed to best-in-class commercial products that generated millions of dollars in profits.Over the last ten years, he has served as board member, keynote speaker, and advisor in various organizations, including Symposium of Asia-USA Partnership Opportunities (SAUPO), UBDTTTC, National Association of Asian American Professionals (NAAAP), Vietnamese American Leadership Summit (VALS), and ABET.


Dr. Ho is passionate about developing mainstream Vietnamese American leaders in politics, government, and industries, by modernizing our culture and education. As board member, he will help drive strategic focus to help us achieve our mission to build a world-class community.


He is married to his wife of 26 years, Jennifer, and with three happy children. community center and promote the community development in the future.

Anh Cao

Anh Cao and his family currently live in Snellville, GA since 1985. He has been working in the areas of taxation and financial services for 18 years. He is a President/CEO of the company H&T Income Tax, Inc. and I INSURE, INC. and currently is a Vice President of a Father Kieu Charity Non-Profit Organization since 2006. He also served as a Board of Director of Hoi Ai Huu Dong Huong Binh Gia from 2006-2014. During 2006-2010 he was a bookkeeper and then Vice Chair of Finance Council in the Parish of Holy Vietnamese Martyrs Catholic.

Mr. Cao is passionate to lend a hand with other members in the Board to achieve the Mission of United Vietnamese American Community of Ga to build a strong and well-developed community.

Dinh Quyen

Dinh Quyen and his Family has lived in Atlanta for over 22 years, from 1993. Previously, from 1993 to 2001 he was a mechanic of Herzt Rent a Car company.

Currently, from 2001, he is a principal and owner Freedom Car Sales, Co. in Lake City, Georgia. He is very active in community activities. Right from the beginning he was selected as President of Vietnamese Community of Georgia from 2008 to 2010. From 2011to 2015, through the spirit of serving the community for the benefit of 2 years, again he has won the trust of Vietnamese voters and was elected a member of the Board Director of Vietnamese Community of Georgia constantly works to date. Following consultations of By-Laws drafted by UBĐTTTC, he responded and participated in TTC to help for the development of stronger communities.

*** If he was elected, he does not accept communist regime. He will continue contribute his knowledge, ability, and experience to accomplish to build a Vietnamese Cultural Activity Center and a Soldier Statue to memorial to all soldiers and American Allies has sacrificed for the cause of freedom.

Benny Binh Truong

Binh “Benny” Truong considers himself a “socialpreneur,” eco-activist, and advocate for the future of the Vietnamese American community. Benny came to the United States as a boat person in 1984.  He never thanks the United States enough for the abundance of liberty and opportunities given to him.  And in turn he would like to use his resources and business acumen to invest into nurturing and creating a new generation of Vietnamese American leaders, who he hopes would contribute and transform positively to the American society.  At the same time, through advocacy, Benny’s hopes and dreams are to transform his motherland Vietnam into a country worthy of its proud history and talents. Benny joined the National Summit of Vietnamese American Leaders at its inauguration in 2011, and has committed himself to achieving the noble causes of the organization, which are “to engage leaders in open dialogues about critical issues facing the Vietnamese-American community; develop shared strategies and work collaboratively to advance the community through political engagement, economic development and community building.”

Benny is married to his beautiful wife Terry Truong.  Together, they have three beautiful children Victoria Trieu-Vi, Venetian Trieu-Mi, and Jacqueline Trieu-Minh.

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Kim Hanh Dang

Kim Hanh Dang came to United States as refugee in 1975. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree of Information Computer Science from the GT Institute of Technology in 1981. She was the first President & founder of the GT Vietnamese Student Organization.  She has worked for 16 years as Computer System Analyst at Southern Company Services, First Atlanta Bank and GT Institute of Technology now she is currently a Realtor for Atlanta Maxim Realty International, serves on the board of Georgia Vietnamese American Chamber of Commerce .

Kim earned her nail license and skincare license and opened several nail salons and Asian-inspired restaurants located in Georgia, Florida, California, and Colorado. Kim Hanh obtained her real estate license  & was awarded the DeKalb County Rookie of the Year title & became a member of the prestigious Million Dollar Club.

She established the Vietnamese Community Center to nourish and preserve the Vietnamese language, culture, and customs where many classes are offered such as Asian Youth Tutoring, English, Computer, Tai Chi, Ballroom Dancing, and Vietnamese Language.

She was honored with appreciation plaques from The Vietnamese Community of Georgia, The United States Census Bureau, The GT VSA and twice was recognized to be one of the 25 Asian American most influential for what has done for community.

Kim Hanh believes in making the community a stronger and better place to live. Her dream to have more Vietnamese American Leaders in main stream to voice our demands benefits to Vietnamese community in US and human rights & democracy to Viet Nam.

Binh Minh Ho


  • Represents the voice of the youths in the Vietnamese American Community of Georgia

  • Provides resources to Vietnamese American youths

  • Helps to all the people in our community by providing supports from our collective resources

  • Encourage the Vietnamese American Community of Georgia grow and unify under this organization leadership and vision



  • Clayton State University

  • Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Spring 2013

  • Associate of Arts and Science Fall 2010


Kim Chi Ngo

•Kim Chi Ngo is a the Real Estate Investor in Atlanta and has a home base business direct sale on Beauty & Health products. 

•As a Vietnamese-American growing up in Santa Clara County, California, Kim Chi quickly learned how to adapt the environment and life style of Americans to her Vietnamese work style and culture. In addition, she gained experience in working with various large network Company which was very successful and very well recognized.

•Kim Chi have spends her time serving non-profit organizations. She is the current Vietnamese Community of Georgia Treasure. She also serves on the Gwinnett Multicultural Advisory Committee (GMACC) and GVACC Board of Director. She was also a radio host on variety talk shows bringing knowledge, awareness to the Vietnamese audiences.

•Proud to be a Vietnamese, KimChi aspiration is to serve, contribute to Vietnamese Community in particular and to Vietnamese people in general. KimChi also enjoys traveling to different destinations around the world to learn about its culture and people.

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